2018-2019 Coaches Evaluation Form (London Junior Knights)

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Use this form to evaluate your coaches for the current season
  1. Coaches Evaluation Form

    Thank you for taking the time to complete a Coaches Evaluation form.
    This form can be completed for the head coach or any assistant coaches of the team.
    When you have completed the form and click Submit, the VP of Hockey Operations will be automatically notified of your submission.

General Information Section
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  4. What is your relationship to the player on the team?
  5. Please enter the full name of the player on the team
  6. Please enter the full name of the coach or assitant coach
  7. Please select the team that the coach is a member of
This section relates to team practices.
This section relates to the teaching of the hockey skills listed.
This section relates to the coach during games.

General questions related to the coach that this form is being completed for.
Additional Comments
Please enter any comments or feedback you have, for either the coach or the association. If you prefer, you can send an email to vphockey@londonjuniorknights.com
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